TJs Cleaning Supplies is a proud and local family owned business with over 20 years of experience, supplying quality cleaning chemicals and accessories to:

    • Aged Care
    • Hospitality – Hotels/Motels/B&B’s
    • Educational Institutions & Private Schools
    • Childcare
    • Small Business
    • Industrial
    • Commercial Cleaners
    • Food processing
    • Fitness Facilities

We provide:

    • Wall Charts
    • Hand Washing charts
    • MSDS Sheets
    • Chemical Store room charts
    • Dishwasher reports
    • PH testing and swab testing of kitchen benches
    • Fruit & Vegetable sanitising testing
    • Staff Training (Certified Trainer BSZ404A)

We offer regular scheduled services of commercial dishwashing machines with written reports detailing information on water temperatures and PH levels to ensure correct operation in high use areas.At all times we are looking to improve the products through the use of new technologies that become available.

We have also developed a number of “new” products in conjunction with our manufacturing partners. You don’t have to buy in bulk to get great savings. We can sell by the carton or by the pack. Our chemicals can be supplied from 5L to 20L depending on your requirements and we offer free delivery with great service.

And of course, we are local! We can also supply & install electronic chemical dispensing systems to your machine washers.

Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner & Sanitiser
  • Washroom & Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Shower & toilet bowl cleaner
  • All remove soap fat & mould from showers
  • Portaloo deoderiser & sanitary fluid for all portable surfaces
Hand cleaners
  • Pink hand soap low viscosity soap for washroom dispensers
  • Pearl white hand soap for all dispensers
  • Purrell foam hand sanitizer–Automatic dispenser only
Laundry Products & OPL Electronic Dispensers
  • Placid wash main detergent
  • Conquest high alkali break wash detergent
  • Destroyer hydrogen peroxide oxygen bleach
  • Laundry sour iron control; PH adjustment
  • Sea Breeze Fabric softener & conditioner
  • Snow-White chlorine bleach 12.5%
  • Grease release pre-spray for stain removal
Laundry powders
  • Premium enzyme powder–low temperature sanitizer, enzyme boosted, built in oxygen bleach
  • Classic blue laundry powder, Lemon fragrance
  • Easyclean Oxygen powdered bleach
  • Powdered starch
  • Front load powder–Low temperature sanitiser
Transport & Maintenance products
  • Vinyl & Rubber restorer, Durable protective finish
  • Tyre Rejuvinator, Silicone based, Shine in all weather, gives a wet look.
  • Spray & wipe; upholstery cleaner
  • Truck & car wash
  • Degreasers: for all machinery
  • Window Cleaner

Quality Cleaning Products

Laundry & Kitchen Dispensers – Cleaning Accessories – Technical Support & Training – Research & Development – Disposable Paper Products – Washroom Control Systems – Proportioning Control Systems

Kitchen & Catering Products

Machine Dishwashing

  • Brute force alkaline detergent liquid
  • Shimmer rinse aid, Streak free
  • Cyclone Chlorinated alkaline detergent liquid
  • Glass wash destainer chlorinated powder
  • Spray & Wipe Antibacterial surface cleaner

Hand Dishwashing detergents

    • Lemon Suds biodegradable mild on hands
    • Top Gun premium quality biodegradable
Special Products
    • Liquid Descaler
    • Oven & grill Cleaner
    • Rhino Degreaser
    • Clean Break degreaser non alkaline
General Cleaners
    • Disinfectants
    • Fruity disinfectant Dilute to 1:80
    • Lemon disinfectant dilute 1:80
    • Eucalyptus disinfectant Dilute 1:80
    • Aromasan disinfectant extra strong dilute to 1:80
General Cleaners
    • Window Cleaner
    • Spray & Wipe
    • Spotless liquid bleach 6%
    • Ammokleen pink floor cleaner ammoniated
    • Cream cleaner non abrasive
    • Scouring powder
    • Neutral detergent cleaner, Neutral PH for all hard surfaces
Cleaning Accessories
  • Mops: Full range of colour coded mops for hospitals and maintenance
  • Cloths & Wipes: Various sizes, Colour coded
  • Buckets: Colour coded wringer buckets
  • Brooms: Indoor & Outdoor, Industrial, Banner Sets
  • Aluminum Handles: Colour coded
  • Scourer sponge: Green/White
  • Stainless steel scourers
  • Garbage bags: All Sizes
  • Kitchen tidy bags: Bin liners for 18L, 27L & 36L
  • Janitor Carts with lockable cabinets
  • Scissor Trolley: Plastic & Metal
Disposable Paper Products
  • Toilet Rolls: 1, 2 & 3 ply Premium Paper
  • Jumbo Rolls: 1 & 2 ply Premium Paper
  • Hand Towels: Rolls & interleaved and center feed
  • Facial Tissues
  • Napkins: Full Range & sizes
  • Plastic drink cups to suit dispensers
Guest Amenities
  • Soaps
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Bath Gels
  • Vanity Pack
  • Shower Caps
Food Service Disposables
  • Foil 44×150
  • Cling wrap 33×600, 45×600
  • Baking Paper 30×120, 40.5×100
  • Toast Bags
  • Glass Bags
  • Cutlery Bags
  • Vinyl Powder free gloves S-XL, Clear & Blue